How This Interview Works

The immi interview helps you to understand your immigration options. It has questions about qualifying for a way to stay in the United States. It does not screen for all the ways to stay. It asks about your eligibility for:

  • Family-based immigration
  • Humanitarian options (asylum, Temporary Protected Status, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status)
  • U or T visas for victims of crime or trafficking
  • VAWA for abused family of citizens and green card holders

The interview also has questions about possible complications in your case. Some immigration or criminal problems may disqualify you. Other immigration problems make it very hard to qualify. A legal advocate can help you understand how a problem affects your case.

The interview has different parts that focus on the different ways to stay. The progress bar shows which part you are in. At the beginning of each part, there is a link to the Learning Center with more information about that way to stay.

Some people will not be allowed to complete the entire interview. They may qualify for a way to stay, but they need legal help. For example, the interview does not help people who are in immigration court now, or people who already have an immigration status that leads to a green card.

At the end of the interview, you’ll get results based on your answers. Each result is on a separate "card" about a way to stay, and includes:

  • Reasons you may qualify;
  • Complications or legal questions about your case; and
  • Missing information for you to find out.

To return to your results, enter your email address or mobile phone number and you will receive an email or text with a link to your results.

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