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Alejandra's Story

Alejandra was too young to remember coming to the U.S. She grew up here, playing in her neighborhood, going to school, and getting good grades.  A few years ago she got DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). With DACA, Alejandra got a work permit and a driver’s license. She found a job too. Alejandra recently heard about changes to DACA. She is worried about her future because her DACA is expiring soon. She wants to renew her DACA and wants to know if she qualifies for a permanent option.

Alejandra can take the immi interview to learn about her immigration options. She can go to the Learning Center for DACA updates.

Eligibility for DACA Renewal

You can apply for DACA renewal if:

  • Your DACA expired;
  • The government took away your DACA; or
  • Your DACA is about to expire.

Note: You may not qualify for DACA renewal if you committed certain crimes or traveled outside of the United States without permission. Talk to an advocate if you are not sure you qualify.

im_alejandra_smlgreypng Alejandra

My parents brought me to the U.S. when I was a baby. I’ve spoken English my whole life, and graduated high school just like all my friends. 

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